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Kanban Sim
Complete suite of modeling, simulation and forecasting tools in one easy to use application. Monte Carlo simulation and a variety of optimization algorithms help you understand your software projects and make better decisions. By modeling proposed or ongoing projects, you have the ability to run what-if experiments in seconds to answer important questions on cost, delivery date and hiring.

Defects, added scope and blocking events are modeled and their impact on delivery date calculated – giving you unprecedented understanding of what factors most count, and which factors should be your highest priority to resolve.



Download and try it for yourself (no registration, Visual simulation always free)

Answer these questions with confidence –

  • When will this project be delivered?
  • How much will this project cost?
  • What staff skills do I need to hire next?
  • What factors are most causing us delays?

Simulations include –

  • Visual simulation of  Kanban status board (interactive viewer and video)
  • Date and Cost forecasting (date, cost and likelihood)
  • Staff and WIP limit analysis (suggests the next staff skill to hire)
  • Model sensitivity analysis – find what events or model inputs are causing the most impact on delivery and cost
  • Data reverse engineering – analyze existing data to find and improve model input estimate ranges

Screenshots and Videos –
1. The Basics: Visual Simulation, Charting and Forecasting. Shows you the basics of opening one of the 30+ example models and how to see a visual simulation and forecast date and cost.

2. Date and Cost Forecasting gives you the cumulative probability of hitting a date and cost. This allows you to experiment with different levels of staff, WIP limits, defect rates, added-scope rates and blocking events.
Kanban - forecast date result







3. Staff and WIP Analysis recommends additions (or reductions) in WIP limits to find the best throughput or cycle-time. No more guessing what extra staff you need to hit a target release date.
Kanban - add staff HTML results










4. Sensitivity Analysis shows you what factors are most influencing your delivery date and those that you should spend no more time estimating or managing. Reduce wasted estimation time and reduce the burden of practices that aren’t going to significantly alter the result.
Kanban - sensitivity HTML results